About Us


Started in 2007, the FBI Memphis CAAA is one of 58 chapters throughout the United States. We are the “sister” chapter of the Nashville CAAA chapter as both organizations serve to promote safer communities served by the FBI Memphis Field Office. Memphis association members are volunteers that are graduates of the FBI Memphis Citizens Academy. We come from many backgrounds and have many talents. Our chapter supports all law enforcement branches by seeking to educate the community about safety, the capabilities of law enforcement in keeping them safe, and to dispel misunderstandings regarding law enforcement.

The FBI Memphis CAAA welcomes input from its members regarding speakers and community outreach events as our success depends on our members. Each of us has at least one talent that can empower our chapter. More participation means we can be a stronger force for good in our area.

Take a look around the website and see what we’ve been up to over the past few years. Hopefully good memories will be brought back or you will see how much you’ve been missing.

Hopefully you will be inspired to reconnect with other alumni and to participate in service opportunities to make Memphis an even better place to live.

We’ll be looking for YOU!

FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Website